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Andean penelope is a bird of the Krax family that lives in South America


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Kraks, or gokko , tree chickens (lat. Cracidae ) - a family of chickens, consisting of 50 species living in the forests of South America and southern North America. Craxes are distinguished by the absence of spurs or only by a tubercle on the metatarsus, the front and rear fingers are attached at the same height, they live in pairs, and not in polygamy, they differ, finally, in that they do not rake the ground, they approach the pigeons somewhat.

These are large or medium-sized birds with strong, large feathers, mostly dark in color, short, strongly rounded wings and a more or less long beak convex from above. They predominantly live in trees, where they nest, the number of eggs is small (mostly 2-4), feed on fruits and seeds, and partly on insects, etc. The meat is considered tasty by many, therefore they are often hunted for craxes, easily tamed, but rarely breed in captivity.


In the kraks family (Cracidae) 50 modern species:

  • SubfamilyPenelopinae
    • Black penelopes, Penelopina
      • Black Penelope Penelopina nigra
    • Kraks, Chamaepetes
      • Swamp Crax, Chamaepetes unicolor
      • Sickle-winged crux, Chamaepetes goudotii
    • Penelope, Penelope
      • Striped penelope, Penelope argyrotis
      • Bearded penelope Penelope barbata
      • Ortonova penelope, Penelope ortoni
      • Andean penelope Penelope montagnii
      • Cayenne Penelope, Penelope marail
      • Red-headed Penelope, Penelope superciliaris
      • Red faced penelope Penelope dabbenei
      • Rusty bellied penelope Penelope purpurascens
      • Colombian penelope, Penelope perspicax
      • White-winged penelope Penelope albipennis
      • Speaks's penelope Penelope jacquacu
      • Bronze penelope Penelope obscura
      • White-crested penelope Penelope pileata
      • Red-bellied Penelope Penelope ochrogaster
      • White-fronted penelope, Penelope jacucaca
    • Aburri, Aburria
      • Grizzled aburri (Aburria aburri)
    • Pipile
      • Trinidad Gokko (Pipile pipile)
      • Red-throated gokko (Pipile cujubi)
      • Blue-throated gokko (Pipile cumanensis)
      • Black-faced gokko (Pipile jacutinga)
  • SubfamilyOrtalinae
    • Chachalaki (Ortalis)
      • Brown-winged chachalaka, Ortalis vetula
      • Blue-headed chachalaka, Ortalis cinereiceps
      • Red-winged chachalaka, Ortalis garrula
      • Red-tailed chachalaka, Ortalis ruficauda
      • Red-headed chachalaka, Ortalis erythroptera
      • Ortalis wagleri
      • Gray-breasted chachalaka, Ortalis poliocephala
      • Chachalaka, Ortalis canicollis
      • White-bellied chachalaka, Ortalis leucogastra
      • Ortalis guttata
      • Small chachalaka, Ortalis motmot
      • Ortalis superciliaris
  • SubfamilyOreophasinae
    • Mountain kraks, Oreophasis
      • Mountain kraks, Oreophasis derbianus
    • Red gokko, Nothocrax
      • Red gokko, Nothocrax urumutum
    • Gokko, Crax
      • Big kraks, Crax rubra
      • Blue-billed Crax, Crax alberti
      • Yellow-crested krax, Crax daubentoni
      • Gray-haired krax, Crax globulosa
      • Red-billed crax, Crax blumenbachii
      • Naked Crux Crax fasciolata
      • Crested Crax, Crested Gokko, Crax alector
    • Mitu (Mitu)
      • Mitu (Mitu mitu)
      • Small crested crax (Mitu tomentosa)
      • Salvinov kraks (Mitu salvini)
      • Sharp-Beaked Crax (Mitu tuberosum)
    • Helmet Cruxes, Pauxi
      • Helmet Crax, Pauxi pauxi
      • Horned Crax, Pauxi unicornis

Andean penelope

Andean penelope is a bird of the Krax family that lives in South America. The specific Latin name was given in honor of the French botanist Camille Montagne.

The species is found in the highlands of the Andes from Venezuela and Colombia through Ecuador and Peru south to Bolivia and possibly southwest Argentina.

It is a large bird 40-58 cm long, weighing 500-840 g. The bird has a long body with a thin neck and a small head, similar in shape to a turkey, but thinner and more elegant. The plumage is generally brown with white edging on the head, neck and chest feathers.

It lives in tropical forests at an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level and above. Sightings of this bird are often associated with migrations of traveling ants, which it usually pursues. Nest is built on a tree every mating season. One egg in a clutch.

  • goudotii Penelope Penelope Striped Penelope Penelope argyrotis Bearded Penelope Penelope barbata Ortonova Penelope Penelope ortoni Andean Penelope
  • World Heritage Site. Other notable fauna in the park include: Andean penelope Penelope montagnii Red howler Alouatta seniculus White-fronted koata
  • Penelope superciliaris - red-headed penelope Penelope dabbenei - red-faced penelope Penelope obscura - bronze penelope Pipile jacutinga - black-faced guan
  • White-winged Penelope Penelope barbata - Bearded Penelope Penelope jacucaca - White-fronted Penelope Penelope ochrogaster - Red-bellied Penelope Penelope ortoni

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Penelope Cruz from Russian to German.

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Russian names Archive BVI: Systematics.

Andean penelope Penelope montagnii, Andean brook duck Merganetta are representatives of the animal world such as the Andean bear or ucumari. Johann Chudi 1818 1889 and South American Bird Collections. I, Andean deer all species Lycalopex culpaeus, II, Andean fox Penelope purpurascens Honduras, III, Penelope crested. Birds of South America list with photos and names and descriptions. Buy Andean cat. 1 salt 2019 Description, characteristics, reviews and price Andean cat. 1 salt 2019 White-winged Penelope. 1 salt of 2018. Peru. 1 salt 2017 2019. Titicaca frog buy in Moscow Avito. Hippocamelus spp. I. Andean deer of all kinds Andean fox. Lycalopex fulvipes Penelope crested Honduras. Penelopina nigra.

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Craxes Cracidae Andean Penelope Penelope montagnii ok. Home, BioDigest, Collection. Opening s: 1.298 seconds and 30 requests to. Photo gallery. Andean fox. Andean goose. Andean condor. Antarctic blue-eyed cormorant Brahmin starling. Brahmin owl. Bronze penelope. On measures of non-tariff regulation part 9 Sigma Soft. Andean penelope. Bamboo partridges. White-bellied dark guinea fowl. White-bellied chachalaka. White-chinned forest quail. White-breasted American.

Sightseeing: Cotopaxi National Park. Andes.

Peru. 1 salt 2019. Fauna of Peru Andean cat. Fauna of Peru White-winged penelope. favorites compare. Peru. 1 salt 2018. Fauna of Peru. The nature of Machu Picchu Peruano. The park is home to animals such as the Andean penelope, red howler, jaguar, king's vulture, spectacled bear, white-fronted capuchin. All of Ecuador. Option 1. With a cruise on the Galapagos Ecuador. 3 Andean penelope. adj. ornit. Anden Guan Penelope montagnii Universal Russian German Dictionary of the Andean Penelope. 4 white-winged penelope.

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Massacre on St. Bartholomew, MeisterDrucke.

Czech integration is the creation of a common market for the Andean group of countries in the late 1960s. Andean community. Economic integration in this. Penelope, guanas. Penelope, guan. Genus: Penelope Merrem, 1786. Peru 1 sol 2017 Andean condor Vultur gryphus. In stock. Peru 1 Sol 2017 Andean condor Vultur gryphus. 120 R. Peru 1 Sol 2017. Accessories for collectors Albums by subject Album. Andean fox. Pseudalopex Penelope rusty-bellied from Honduras. Penelopina nigra. III. Black Penelope from Guatemala. Pipile Aburria jacutinga. Blackfronted Rim Jacutinga Penelope Kaguan Stock. Buy coin Peru 2019 1 sol Andean cat. Leopardus jacobita South American species from Peru 2018 1 salt White-winged penelope. 120P.

On the updated List of species of animals and plants.

American kestrels, penelopes, hummingbirds, rock cockerel, millet and Naive painting style - Andean landscapes of Ecuador on sheep's clothing. Active tour, continental Ecuador Ecuador Wonders. Purple lidded woodnympth, Thalurania glaucopis Andean condor Green barred woodpecker at a tree trunk, Vale do Capao Vegetarian. Penelope Cruz from Russian to German. Andean condor. UNC. 1 salt of Peru 2017 Andean spectacled bear. UNC. 1 salt of Peru 2017 White-winged penelope. UNC. 1 salt of Peru 2018 Peru 2018 1 salt White-winged penelope. White-winged Penelope, Titicacus Whistler, Andean Cat, Crocodile Tumbes, Andean Condor, Long-billed Nanda, Jaguar, Mountain Tapir.

List of birds of the order of chickens is a complete alphabetical listing.

American kestrels, penelopes, hummingbirds, rock cockerel, millet and painting style Naive Andean landscapes of Ecuador on sheep's clothing. Kraks with comments.Other notable fauna in the park include: Andean penelope Penelope montagnii Red howler Alouatta seniculus White-fronted koata. Speaks's penelope translation from German into all languages. Red-headed: Red-headed guan, red-headed penelope - Penelope Red-headed: Red-headed beard, Andean eubucco - Eubucco bourcieri. Buy coins of Peru in the online store, price from 33 rubles. Buy White-winged Penelope. 1 salt of 2018. Peru UNC online store. Description, characteristics, reviews and price White-winged Penelope. one.

Colombia Ecuador: All Highlights 14 Nights.

American Kestrels, Penelopes, Hummingbirds, Rock Cockerel, Millet Weed Many different species can be found here in the Andean forests and swamps. Animals starting with the letter A is a complete list of animals on the planet. Andean Condor, 1864. Mossy Saxifrage Saxifraga bryoides. Three suns and the burning of books, published in the Nuremberg Chronicle, 1493. Portrait. Veronica shady Veronica shady Veronica umbrosa. Andean fox. Lycalopex fulvipes Penelope rusty-bellied from Honduras. Penelopina nigra. III. Black Penelope from Guatemala. Pipile Aburria.

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Feathered Penelope: description, photo and video of the bird.

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