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Bartramia / Bartramia longicauda


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Rod Bartramia - Bartramia Hedw.

Mono- and dioecious ground or rock mosses, forming from light green or bluish-green to brownish, cushion-shaped at the base with thick rhizoid felt tufts.

Stem 1-15 cm long, with 1-2 sub-apical shoots, multi-row leafy.

Leaves mostly with an elongated vaginal base and an elongated-lanceolate or subulate upper part, without folds, with a powerful vein ending in or protruding from the leaf apex.

Sporogonia 1-2 from one perichecia. Box oblique to drooping, usually bent and with a high back, longitudinally striped, dry boll grooved. Lid short-conical, blunt or sharp.

In Russia 7 types... The most common and available for definition types:

Bartramia Haller - Bartramia halleriana
Bartramia apple - Bartramia pomiformis

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In this, if I may say so, biotope

not only vicuñas live. Here we met two types of Tinamu. Tinamu are such very ancient South American birds, similar to partridges, but in fact they are relatives of ostriches. They have the smallest heart in relative size among all birds. Because of this, they cannot fly far and run for a long time. In addition, they have practically no tail feathers. Tinamou can hardly maneuver in flight. With a sharp emergency takeoff, they can crash into some kind of obstacle. On top of all these disadvantages, they are also delicious! Ask why are they not yet extinct? They have some mechanisms. For example, a chick reaches the size of an adult bird on the 20th day of life, and sexual maturity on the 75th day.
It takes a long time to fish out the birds in such an open place, we did not have so much time. And chasing them in a car is barbaric, especially given their physiological characteristics and our unscientific goals. We watched a little, I was satisfied with proofs in the strongest afternoon haze, and we drove on. Who wants to look at the proofs of tinama - go under the cat.

Rod Bartramia - Bartramia

Genus Bartramia - Bartramia Hedw. Mono- and dioecious ground or rock mosses, forming from light green or bluish-green to brownish, cushion tufts at the base with thick rhizoid felt.

Bartram, John - Wikipedia

Named in his honor Bartramia (Bartramia L.) of the Tiliaceae family. His son, William Bartram (1739-1823), continued his exploration of various localities in North America and left one of the best descriptions of the birds of the New World.

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04/07/2019 · Animal species: Birds Family: Snipe species Habitat: The species range extends from the northwest of Alaska.

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bartramia bartramija statusas T sritis zoologija | vardynas atitikmenys: lot. Bartramia longicauda angl. upland sandpiper vok.angl. upland sandpiper vok.

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1. LAT Bartramia (Lesson) 2. RUS bartramia f 3. ENG Bartram's sandpiper 4. DEU Bartramuferläufer m 5. FRA bartramie f 1. LAT Bartramia longicauda (Bechstein) 2. RUS bartramia f, long-tailed sandpiper m 3. ENG Bartram’s [u

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