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White-headed mojua 15 cm long. The weight of males is 18.5 g, females - 14.5 g. The upper body, wings and tail of the male are light brown, the head and lower part are white, the head is almost pure white - hence the name. Females and juveniles are similar in color, but the nape and crown are brown. The beak and eyes are black, the legs are blue-black. White-headed mojua often forms small flocks of several family groups when threatened.


White-headed mojua is endemic to the North and several nearby islands of New Zealand, including Little Barrier, where it is the most common forest bird, Great Barrier and Kapiti, a species.


The white-headed mojua feeds mainly on small animals that live on trees - spiders, butterflies, caterpillars and beetles, which it collects on stumps, leaves and branches in the crown of trees. Rarely birds can be seen on the forest floor. The birds supplement their food with fruits of plants such as Melicytus ramiflorus and Myrsine. Like yellow-headed mojus, they often hang upside down from branches.


The white-headed mojua builds its nest at a height of 1 to 15 m above the ground in the crown of trees or in small trees and bushes located deeper. In clutch there are from 2 to 4 eggs. Incubation lasts approximately 18 days. Both parents feed the chicks. Chicks become independent in 16-19 days. In November and December, the long-tailed koel (Eudynamys taitensis) is often a nesting parasite of birds. He throws eggs from the nest and lays a single egg in it.

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