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Skopinsky maniac who tortured girls told how he will take revenge on victims after release


Viktor Mokhov is serving a 17-year prison term

Exactly 20 years ago, in the distant two thousandth year, two underage girls were kidnapped in the city of Skopin in the Ryazan region. Local resident Viktor Mokhov imprisoned them in a real bunker, where he raped and tortured for almost four years.

Photo: Still from video

The court sentenced the Skopinsky maniac to 17 years. Themis considered such a term a fair punishment for a broken youth, suffering and two children born in captivity to one of the sex slaves from her pervert tormentor.

Over the years, both captives managed, despite the psychological trauma they received, to build their lives: they got married, had children, got an education, got a job, and one of them even wrote a confession book about her misadventures. If journalists periodically recalled the girls-martyrs, then little is known about the fate of the maniac himself. Only that he is alive and is where he should by law - in a strict regime colony.

We learned the life story of Viktor Mokhov in prison practically from the first hand. At the disposal of "MK" were audio recordings of conversations of camp specialists with a maniac, as well as stories of former prisoners and ex-employees of correctional colonies where the rapist was kept. Unknown details of one of the most terrible crimes of the "2000s" and the revelation of the Skopinsky maniac are in the material of "MK".

Transvestite from organized crime group and childbirth in the basement

In 1995, the sharpener of the local factory, Viktor Mokhov, decided to build a basement under a metal garage, which was located on the backyard of his house. Initially, the room, like all normal people, was intended for storing vegetables, fruits and preparations for the winter, but a year after the start of construction, the idea of ​​rebuilding a real bunker was ripe in Mokhov's brain, inflamed with lust. Until 1999, the owner built an underground prison for future sex slaves. Sly Mokhov was so cautious that not a single person noticed what large-scale activity was in full swing in the dungeon. A typical example: at that time he cohabited with a woman, whom he later beat and drove out - and so, the young lady had no idea about some kind of construction right under her feet.

The finished basement consisted of three sections: one specially designed for living and two additional ones. The walls and ceiling were concrete. Ventilation was installed inside, electricity was installed, thickened metal doors were installed between the offices, bolted from the outside. In a large compartment, Mokhov placed a single-tier bed, chair, table. Later he used this room for "visits" with his captives. In the deepest compartment, two-tier bunks were placed - all the time the victims lived in this very room. The entire structure of the bunker was arranged in such a way that sounds from the inside could not reach the surface in any way. The exit from the basement was camouflaged with a sheet of steel and a cunning mechanism with magnets. In short, it was a real secret prison.

On September 30, 2000, Viktor Mokhov, in his VAZ 2105, took his previously convicted friend Elena Badukina from Skopin to Ryazan. On the way, he asked her to help "remove" the girls.

At about 22.00 in the area of ​​Cathedral Square, a fateful meeting for 14-year-old Katya and 17-year-old Lena with the future tormentor took place. Mokhov's offer to give the girls a ride home, and they sat in the salon of the "five". Badukina - with a short haircut, in a peasant outfit - introduced herself as Alexei and offered the passengers vodka. The girls agreed. Katya and Lena instantly became drunk, and sobered up already when they found themselves on the Mokhov area in Skopin, enclosed by a wooden fence. From that moment, their terrible epic began.

"Alexey" identified himself as a member of the then-famous "Slonovskaya" organized crime group in these parts. Badukina began to threaten and tried to force the girls to have sex with Mokhov. The will of little Katya was broken first. The maniac dishonored the girl and then forced her to go down to the basement. The villains followed Lena into the garage. They already twisted the girl together - she was holding Badukina by the throat, and Mokhov was removing trousers and underwear from the victim. But the rapist was never able to take possession of Lena - the body let down at the most crucial moment. He made her go down to Katya's basement. Even in the worst dream, the girls could not imagine that they were going to live here for 3 years and 7 months.

All this time, Mokhov, alternately and in various forms, raped his victims at least twice a week. The only exceptions were those periods when Lena was in a position - pregnancy began in February 2001, in October 2002 and in September 2003). The monster raped Lena, including for a long time, raped the captives in full view of each other ... To suppress the will of the girls, the bastard threatened them with murder, demonstrating a hunting rifle and a knife, beat them with a rubber hose, and pricked them with a fork. In case of disobedience, the sadist deprived his captives of food, water, turned off the light, cut off the air supply through the ventilation, sprayed tear gas in the bunker, even when Lena was pregnant and when she had a baby in her arms.

In total, the girl gave birth to two boys in captivity. The first stayed with her for two months, the second for four months. Mokhov threw both babies into the entrances of residential buildings, and later they were assigned to foster families. After the release, the third child, a girl, died.

The girls were saved thanks to Katya's ingenuity. This happened when Mokhov began to gradually bring the captives "into the people", believing that he had finally broken their resistance. At that time, the maniac had a tenant, to whom he introduced the slave as a niece. Katya was able to imperceptibly put a note asking for help into the girl's audio cassette. She turned to the police, and they came to Mokhov with a search.

Porn and homemade cardboard houses

During the inspection of the scene in Mokhov's dwelling, cassettes with erotica, books "Obstetrics" (before Lena's first birth, a maniac brought an allowance to the bunker) and "ABC of Love" were found. In the bunker itself, the following were described: a plastic bucket adapted for a toilet, a place for rubbish, an electrical outlet, switches, two light bulbs, photographs of pornographic content were glued to the wall. Operational filming of a terrible interior 15 years ago spread all over the world. The footage, as if from a thriller, showed the room where the captives were kept. There was a bunk bed with linens, a table, a chair, an electric stove, a TV, a tape recorder, kitchen utensils, pots, plates, cups and other household items. The site itself was fenced off with a high fence without gaps. That there is only one detail from the thoughtful arrangement of the underground prison: the light inside the bunker was turned on in one of the rooms in Mokhov's house. The whole life of the girls was in the hands of a scoundrel. The most common entertainments that were available to their peers, Katya and Lena had to do it with their own hands or deserve good behavior. In the largest room in the basement, three homemade cardboard houses, homemade dominoes, homemade chips and homemade dice, a baby rattle in the shape of a bear, a bottle of women's eau de toilette, a set of gouache paints of six colors, English-Russian and Russian-English dictionaries, two general notebooks with a handwritten dictionary, books in the genre of eroticism: "The Joy of Sex", "Emmanuelle", "The Story" O ", as well as a book on childcare.

Means of self-defense were found in the house where Mokhov himself lived - a gas canister, 13 sleeping pills (the pervert mixed pills into the water of the captives in order to pick up the babies without noise and dust), 12 photographs and clippings from porn magazines, cement invoices dated 1995 , a fragment of a newspaper with circled text about prostitution, 19 scraps of photographs depicting parts of a woman's body, 2 white bras, books "The Criminal Code of the Russian Federation" and "Love and Sexuality under 30", 14 porn magazines, another 76 video tapes, some of which with erotic content. In addition, investigators seized a medical gynecological probe, 20 hunting cartridges and a single-barreled 16-caliber IZhK 1965 IZhK. All this was included in the case as evidence and left no doubt about the guilt of the rapist.

The court sentenced Viktor Mokhov to 17 years of strict regime with serving the first two years in prison, and Elena Badukina, who introduced herself as Aleksey, to 5 years 6 months in prison.

Sat in the tower, hid that rooster

All the time while Mokhov was under investigation, he sat in a solitary confinement cell in SIZO-1 in Ryazan. As he himself proudly recalls, he was sitting alone (solitary confinement) in one of the four towers-boats of the prison castle built in 1824, which has always been used for its intended purpose and is now an object of cultural heritage.

In 2006, the convicted maniac was brought to the town of Balashov in the Saratov region on a door - a closed prison-type institution, where, among other things, persistent violators of the regime, the so-called denialists and thieves in law, are sent. Already there, according to our information, the maniac was able to show all his flexibility and ingenuity (recall that the system of entrance to the underground bunker made of metal sheet and magnets was not found by the operatives without Mokhov's help during the first search). There was no talk about the role he would play in prison - because of the rapes, the status of a maniac in the eyes of other convicts was automatically lowered, and the newly-minted prisoner ended up in a cell with the “offended”. At the same time, he went to work and managed to be useful to the administration - he collected operatively significant information and reported to employees. For merit or simply by chance, but in the personal file of Mokhov they did not put a mark on his belonging to the lowest camp caste. This allowed him to "zero out" and start life two years later in prison in a new camp from scratch and on general terms. The maniac, to whom journalists and writers from all over the world burst in 2004, without exaggeration, managed to keep his exploits a secret. Firstly, there is no connection between inmates in different colonies, unless the thieves come in - they, at the very least, keep records of the status of prisoners and pass this information from mouth to mouth. Secondly, the investigators could not have included information incriminating Mokhov in his personal file - a kind of gratitude for cooperation.

One way or another, the employees of the colony and the prisoners were in the dark about the identity of Mokhov for six months, until the next stage arrived there from the cover. One of the convicts worked at the industrial area (industrial zone where convicts work) in the next compartment with Mokhov and recognized him as "offended". After that, a loud scandal occurred in the zone. The fact is that, according to prison concepts, all those with whom he handled, drank (and the peasants usually chifir all from one glass), ate, and even just sat at the same table "offended", in theory, should also be included in this caste. While the prisoners were deciding whose place is now with the bucket, Mokhov was hidden by the colony officers. The nondescript prisoner opened up to the guards from a new perspective. Due to the increased interest in the Skopino maniac, probably all the employees of the colony talked to him. And some of them even have recordings of conversations. We managed to get acquainted with them.

- How did you get into the "roosters"? - employees of IK-17 ask Mokhov.

- When distributing in the canopy, they threw it into the "cock's" hut. For five people. Workers' hut - everyone worked. And that's all. All two years he worked with inmates in one compartment at the industrial department, in the shoe production, was engaged in packing and painting shoes.

- What are you lying! We know how they deal with such ...

- You can write in yourself: beat and lowered. I do not care.

- Why, when he arrived at the colony, he was crunching (did not declare his status. - Auth.)?

- Before the stage to the zone, they put me in the last hut, also a “cock's house”, for two weeks. The senior in the hut and his assistant started a conversation that when they arrived at the zone, they would not say that they were in the "roosters". I was advised to do so too. The next day, they put me alone. In the evening, from all the cells, they began to take the prisoners out to the continuation (corridor), to hunt (search. Auth.), send to the stage. I was taken out of solitary confinement, and no one ate (did not understand. - Auth.) that I am a "rooster". The cops, ugh, the employees, apparently, so conceived. I came to your camp and said that he was in "men".

- You will need to go back to the "roosters", otherwise it will be worse.

- I know myself. You cannot get out of this situation.

- Tell us why you were imprisoned?

- Don't you know?

- What prompted such a crime?

- Unrequited love. The girls did not like, so he took these and put them there.

- Was there any particular negative experience?

- No, it wasn't like that. I met with different people, but, you know, you look after, you look after, but there is no return - one-sided love.

- A method as sophisticated as it came to mind?

- It happened purely by chance, others kill their victims, but I kept them for myself.

- Is there an accomplice? Female Male?

- There was an accomplice there. But I won't say who. This is her business.

“When did you realize you wanted to lock up your victims?”

- We drank, walked together, and then they told me: they say, we will declare against you that we raped. In the morning they got up and announced. Well, I closed them.

- You will not tell that they voluntarily lived there?

- Not voluntarily, of course. I didn’t let them go, and that was all.

- Bill?

- Not! There is not a single episode. Only two slaps, and then one of them hit the head when one of them almost ran away.

- Threatened?

- It was a little, of course.

- Until when did you plan to keep them?

- Until they themselves run away.

- You understood that if the girls get out, you will go to jail?

- Therefore, I did not let them go, because I was afraid of responsibility.

- Why didn't you get rid of them?

- I loved them, actually the girls are good.

- And when one of them gave birth to children, what did you feel?

- There were fatherly feelings, of course.

- Do you remember that moment when you learned about the first pregnancy?

- Yes. I was glad. They told me later: "Congratulations, your son was born."

- Who said?

- Why did you throw up the children?

- I could not leave myself, the documents were not on them.

- Did you try to follow their fate?

- Children were given up for adoption, and this secret is not disclosed.

- Would you like to know what happened to them?

- How can I. And so, of course, yes. I didn’t refuse them, it’s just such a situation.

- Are you sorry? We are not on trial now, and this is not about the verdict. Sincerely…

- Yes, I feel guilty. Sincerely. I am really to blame, they suffered, suffered, I saw their suffering and experienced too.

- How did you make their life easier?

- TV set, video recorder, constant power supply. They had everything. Well treated. Spoiled with sweets, chocolate, celebrated birthdays and holidays. They cooked, set the table. He allowed me to walk in the garden, Katya bathed in the bath in the house.

- You lived with your mother. Did she know about your slaves?

- She saw Katya once. But I had no idea who it really was, I said that it was my friend.

- How did you live when your captives were sitting in the basement? How did it work? Did you meet with someone?

- I had one friend. The relationship was. I was friends with girls. He worked, of course.

- Free yourself - what will you do?

- I'll go home. There is devastation.

Soon after this conversation, Mokhov was transported to another colony within the Saratov region, where he remains to this day. This time he did not try to get out and immediately began to do all the dirty work. According to the former prisoners of the maniac, Mokhov is withdrawn and avoids communication with the outside world.One of the former convicts told us that their colony was even approached from a popular talk show with a request to arrange an interview with the "Skopinsky maniac", and it seems that even the FSIN approved a trip to Saratov so that the prisoner could communicate with journalists via video communication. But the obstinate janitor refused.

- In my opinion, this physically vigorous grandfather. Over the years, he became a seasoned inmate, albeit a "rooster". Mokhov writes complaints, probably hoping to get compensation for violations in the sentence, which he allegedly found. He used to mumble under his breath about the fact that he would soon be released and tell everyone the truth about his victims, that he had compromising evidence on them, ”said the freed former prisoner of the maniac.

Viktor Mokhov is sitting out for the last year, and should be released in March 2021. His mother died, no one except journalists is waiting for him in the wild. He recently turned 70 years old, he celebrated his birthday, like the previous 16 years. As for Elena Badukina, she was released a long time ago, visited talk shows, reunited with her son, who appeared in a drug case several years ago. According to the locals, she worked as a merchandiser and a taxi driver on an old foreign car.